The Gliding Mechanism

by Benjamin Robinson

And finally to begin with, in as brief a disposition as time will allow, let us dispose of introductions altogether and head straight for the ending. Let us resolve not to get bogged down in the middle, more specifically in the middle of the middle where the bogging down gets particularly intense, and in flagrant violation of our just desserts we loose sight of our finale. With the middle cut safely adrift, we’ll not be taken for the half-wit trundling endlessly back and forth across the footbridge of locution. A reasonably restless period will ensue before the settling in period proper is knuckled down to. A period know colloquially as love’s full bloom. No doubt our old friend the slippery slope will emerge as amid concurring dreams of de-escalation we’ll fly in unison, singing ever singing through a bright upended sky.


Benjamin Robinson's articles and short stories have appeared online at Dogmatika, 3AM Magazine, and many other places. He lives in Dublin.