What the Movies Don’t Teach You

by Joseph Grant

Life certainly doesn't go the way it does in movies. True love doesn't necessarily stay true, the good die young and many times without reason or rhyme, there are no happy endings in life, many times there are just endings. Villains don’t get always taught a lesson or get their comeuppance; sometimes they get elected to public office and become bigger villains. Wars aren't always just, not always fought for the right reasons and heroes sometimes make it home in body bags. Sometimes heroes don’t come home at all. We are actors constantly in search of a meaningful script, flubbing our most important lines and scenes; only to think of killer lines way past Act One, never comprehending our role, never knowing when Death will yell from the darkness: “Cut... that’s a wrap!”


Joseph Grant, whose full catalog is here, is a 6S All-Star. Originally from New York City, he currently resides in Los Angeles.