The Tenth Funeral

by Momo Okayasu

Between the ages of six and thirteen, I went to nine funerals for people I loved and I never cried; not one salty droplet. I never really knew why everyone around me couldn't stop. The fact scared me and I thought something was wrong with me, like maybe I was a heartless person, or maybe I never cared in the first place. Today, six years later, he died in my arms and I couldn't stop crying. His blood won't wash from my hands, and I can't stop seeing his last shuddering breath before he lay still, staring at me with wide eyes as if asking me to bring him back. So maybe there is something wrong with me: nine family members, nine friends, nine funerals, and not one single tear to honor them - but today, I cried every tear I had at the tenth funeral for a small black kitten named L.


Momo Okayasu doesn't really have a bio. She's just a writer who's been trying to think of something for 6S - and recently had a reason to write.