Sweet Talk

by Madam Z and Harry B. Sanderford

Sadie loves to dress up for Halloween, but she's having a Hall o' a time thinking up a costume she hasn't already done, since she's been everything from Popeye to a demented nurse to a Martian, and oh yeah... a tube of toothpaste. This year she really wanted to push the envelope way outside of the ordinary and was mulling possible options when Stanley piped up with his annual suggestion that she could wear just go-go boots and go as Puss in Boots while he would put a pot on his head and go as Peter in a Pan. "Stanley, I told you last year and the year before last, and I'll tell you again, WE ARE TOO FRIGGIN' OLD TO BE RUNNING AROUND NAKED IN PUBLIC, and if you mention my decrepit go-go boots one more time, you'll be gone-gone and your Peter WILL be in a Pan!” There was a moment of poker faces before they both had to laugh, then Stanley dumped the contents of a plastic pumpkin on the kitchen table, rummaged around for a Ring Pop and holding it up for Sadie said, "You will never be old in my eyes, girl goblin, Happy Anniversary!" Sadie accepted the tawdry treasure, and with tears of joy in her eyes she replied, "It's been a lot of years since the day we made our lust legal, but you're still my favorite Tootsie-Troll." Still uncertain about her costume, Sadie licked the new lolly seductively as Stanley laid her down on the mattress of miniature sweets and began kissing her from her Mounds to her Whatchamacallit, whispering, "And you're my Bit-O-Honey, Sugar Baby."


Madam Z and Harry B. Sanderford go together like Halloween and candy.