Between Heaven and Hell

by Adam J. Whitlatch

Every person on the planet had their own little theory about what would happen when the Large Hadron Collider straddling the Franco-Swiss border was finally turned on; some thought it would create a black hole and the planet would be slowly sucked into oblivion. Other doomsday theorists speculated that the force of the high-energy collisions might erase the boundaries separating our world from any number of parallel dimensions, causing our worlds to blend together; most people laughed at that one, myself included. The most popular theory was that the high-energy collisions would ignite the atmosphere, reducing the Earth to a smoking cinder in a matter of minutes - I would have preferred this to the alternative - but all the speculation in the world couldn't have prepared us for what happened that cold October morning when scientists flipped the switch. Who could have guessed that the largest technological marvel ever created by man would rend gaping holes in the fragile cosmic fabric that comprised the boundaries of both Heaven and Hell, unleashing a flood of souls like water from a broken dam? Furthermore, who would have known that these souls, loosed from their respective astral realms would find their way back to their earthly bodies, crawling from burial crypts, pounding and clawing incessantly against sealed coffin lids, and lurching out of morgues all over the world? And who would have thought that they would be so hungry?


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