by Heather Parker

"This is a useful space," said the estate agent, opening the dark cupboard under the stairs. Annie's old, lined face drained as she remembered another room like this. Suddenly she was a child of ten again, sheltering from the German planes dropping their deadly cargo over Liverpool. Mighty explosions; splintering glass above her. Yet that was almost seventy years ago. "I'd prefer a bungalow," she whispered, clutching her heart.


Heather Parker lives in the English Lake District with four cats, three dogs and a husband. Until recently she worked for the University of Cumbria, but now writes semi-professionally. She has won prizes in several literary competitions and many of her stories have been published in popular British and American magazines. Her new novel will be published at the end of 2008 by Drollerie Press. Some of her stories can be read on her website.