Dinner with the Undecideds

by Arthur Chertowsky

It sure is fun being part of a weekly focus group of undecided voters and being interviewed by TV anchors and then meeting for dinner afterwards! Last week some of us were on diets, but this week we’ve decided to have the dessert cart sent to our table! Some of us are vegetarians, or have been vegetarians, and some of us are life-long carnivores, but this week some of the vegetarians are becoming carnivores and some of the carnivores are swearing off meat! The clock is ticking and Election Day is nigh, but I’m still of two minds about the presidential candidates, and I find myself asking myself the same questions I asked myself months ago after we all knew who the candidates would be! In some ways I think all politicians are the same, and in some ways I think they’re completely different! Tonight I want coffee, or maybe tea!


Arthur Chertowsky is... undecided?


Doug Mathewson said...

David Sadaris had a nice piece in the New Yorker last week about undecided voters. See how he views the choice!

Anonymous said...

Doug - I just read it -- looks like Mr. Sedaris and I have a similar take on "the undecided." But I expressed my opinion well in only 6 sentences! Or did I?


Madam Z said...

You certainly described the "undecided voter" well! I think you did, anyway, but I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...