Tick Tock

by Sean Kennedy

It’s a frequently mentioned idea that in the seconds before you die, your entire life flashes before you in the blink of an eye; Tick. So, putting this theory to the test, I started to think of my childhood and all the wonderful times I had playing football, building tree houses in the woods behind my house, exploring down the river in my Welles, and staying up late with my mother watching A Touch of Frost while she ran her fingers through my hair; Tock. I thought about those rebellious teenage years of smoking behind the swimming pool at school, getting drunk in the park with friends on a Friday night, and spitting back in the face of the "Machine;" Tick. And the first girl I ever loved, how the breakup felt like a knife carving a gash through my heart, leaving a scar which took months to heal; Tock. I thought about all these things which rested in my memory and knew there were more times which I had forgotten; memories that had been lost in the endless abyss of my subconscious; Tick. Then just like that, I saw everything; Tock.


Sean Kennedy is a maverick renegade.