Surprising Adjustments

by Donna Calhoun

Two years ago we moved from near Washington D.C. to semi-rural North Carolina and, while I love it here, it’s been quite an adjustment. Once on my way to work I saw a goat waiting beside a mailbox in someone’s front yard. I think he was waiting to fetch the mail when it arrived. Recently I was driving to school to pick up my son and ended up being very late because I was following two houses down the two-lane road. They had a police escort because the one-story ramblers completely took up both sides of the road and oncoming traffic had to pull into driveways and fields so the migrating houses could pass. Country living is proving to be full of surprises.


Donna Calhoun is a transplant from Northern Virginia to semi-rural North Carolina. She is the proud mother of six children who have begun to bless their family with grandchildren. Her husband of over 30 years lovingly supports her writing habit.