by caccy46

The beach had stopped becoming a summer ritual several years ago when her skin turned traitor and robbed one of her greatest pleasures. Summer after glorious summer was spent luxuriating on the sand and filled her life with favorite memories, her most tender moments, staring at the ocean endlessly, helping her create and solidify her closest held beliefs. She went back today after so many years, covered in long sleeves, lotion, hat and umbrella but more completely protected by her fear of what had transpired in the years she'd been gone and afraid what reconnecting with her old friend would touch in her. The familiar sounds of the waves and smell of sea air, the crunch of hot sand underfoot were all the same. The voices of others were blocked while she made amends with herself, and found that old friends do not judge or forget. They embrace you and continue where you left off.


caccy46, whose full catalog is here, is a mother of two who's been married for 32 years.