To Err is Divine

by Chris Wasil

God woke up one Saturday, and halfway through His second cup of coffee He decided He was going to make a new world where no one ever made mistakes. “The problem,” said God to His cat, Jingles, “is that people just screw up too darned much! This time, I’m going to get it right.” So He sat down at His desk, an impressive, heavy-looking desk, the kind you would imagine God having, and He picked up His pencil and began drawing what this mistake-free world was going to look like. After a while, He realized that this new world would be a very boring place, where no mistakes meant no struggle, where no mistakes meant no pain, where no mistakes meant no triumph, and where people would probably forget to talk to Him once in a while. So He laughed to Himself for having such a silly idea, crumpled up His drawing, and accidentally spilled His coffee all over His desk with a yell: “Me damnit!”


Chris Wasil, currently in his second semester of law school, is a die-hard Mets fan. His full catalog is here.