North Beach Pizzeria

by Mona Lisa Safai

A few days ago, I went to a pizzeria with a good friend in North Beach. Next to us sat another two people, a guy and a young woman - maybe friends, maybe a couple. They must have been in their 20s and they were in college or graduate school. The conversation turned vague and peculiar when the guy began telling the girl that he had “taken care of her professor” and that she didn’t have to worry anymore. She suddenly seemed relieved at his news. When I got a chance and glanced, they were walking out into the back seat a black limo.


Mona Lisa Safai, author of The Deed, is a writer, poet, and book reviewer in San Francisco. Published pieces include “The Unknown Rose," “The Unquiet Funeral," “Restless Senses," and poems in the Poets11 anthology. Several book reviews can be found in The Midwest Book Review, Northeast Book Review Books, TCM Reviews, and Diverse Books. She is also a contributing writer at the online journal