The Deed

by Mona Lisa Safai

I dash out of the Palace Hotel on New Montgomery. The San Francisco fog chills through my thin faded jean jacket. I’m lost in a sea of faces, but I can’t escape her desperate pleas in the hotel. In a panic, I forget my way and turn left. After a few more turns, I reach my destination. Finally back at the hotel, I deliver ice cream and pickled onions to her.


Mona Lisa Safai is a writer, poet, and book reviewer in San Francisco. Published pieces include “The Unknown Rose," “The Unquiet Funeral," “Restless Senses," and poems in the Poets11 anthology. Several book reviews can be found in The Midwest Book Review, Northeast Book Review Books, TCM Reviews, and Diverse Books. She is also a contributing writer at the online journal Suite101.com.

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Leatherdykeuk said...

Lovely. Bet it was a boy.