The Muses

by David G.B. Brown

The Muses take turns, and I am glad for it. They whisper in my ear and give me little nudges, and off I go to the computer or the piano or the notepad, and write away until the glass of inspiration they’ve poured me has run empty. I love those moments, when the words flow effortlessly, even if they’re not very good words. There are other times when the Muses are silent; I don’t mind these times, as long as they don’t last for too long. I usually come out of these silent periods when one of the Muses gets tired of being quiet and whispers something really juicy in my ear, and off I go to write again. So come, Muses, whisper in my ear, push me to the pen and paper.


David G.B. Brown is an actor, writer and musician living in Michigan.