The Escape

by J.C. Montgomery

Told to be ready at nine o’clock, we each took our places and waited for the long shadows of the afternoon to merge into one, indicating it was time to leave. Grasping my knapsack to my chest, I turned to take one last look at the place I once called home. Memories instantly overcame me; my emotions so raw that if anyone had spoken a word, I would have crumbled into a screaming ball of hysteria. Standing there, overwhelmed with guilt, I closed my eyes tightly, crushing unbidden tears back into nothingness. Reopening them to the gloom around me, I allowed the memories of my childhood to incorporate themselves into the corners of the room, thus banishing them forever into shadow. One by one we made our way out the window; leaving behind everything we knew and everyone we loved.


J.C. Montgomery is an aspiring writer based out of Reno, Nevada. When not reading, writing, and panhandling for lattes, she quilts and plays ice hockey. She often dreams of someday owning her own coffee house, which would be conveniently sandwiched between an ice rink and a quilt shop. She can also be found reading and reviewing books as The Biblio Brat, and posting to her online journal Loose Leafs from a Commonplace.