Best Western Hollywood

by Kate Kaminski

In the Best Western Hollywood, this squeaking blue plastic club chair is AAA approved. In the dusty, tired courtyard waits a Pacific Bell telephone booth with folding doors of the old-fashioned sort, and the Vista Del Mar Ave. service station boasts white-painted iron work and a generous offering of suspension, batteries, and struts. Cars rush the freeway and outside the window a lemon tree is loaded with pale sour fruit, just out of reach. Lemons aren’t the only thing out of reach, though, are they? How did I get here, you ask? The better question is, how will I get out?


Kate Kaminski is an underground (a.k.a. "outsider") writer & filmmaker whose motto is "Go ahead, swim upstream. It's better exercise."


Harry said...

Sometimes you read a lot of sixes between good ones. Eureka!

dandiacal said...

I see a real heavy Stanley Elkin/George Saunders influence in thus. Very clever.