Are You Looking at Me?

by caccy46

When she looks in the mirror now, she is both horrified and fascinated to see the signs of age that crept up on her when she had no time to think about such things. Her mouth, at rest, is a permanent drooping crescent moon, allowing the world to see her sadness when it has no business peering in such private places. The eyelids she once loved to apply colored shadows to have disappeared, replaced with loose, wrinkled skin that has been burdened with rubbing away too many tears. She feels jilted by the sun, never believing it would punish her so many years later, leaving all sorts of interesting spots and bumps that appeared suddenly. She thinks it's still a nice face; it's just not her face. It's her mother's face.


caccy46, whose full catalog is here, is a mother of two who's been married for 32 years.