And She Was Never Seen Again

by Nyx Hunt

The late fall day holds the world in its cool embrace. The sun, shining through the rich brown canopy of tree leaves seems like a distant dream, with little light and less heat reaching me as I sit on the forest floor, bored and alone. Then you come with your spotted wings, your black as night eyes, and your sharp toothed grin. A soon as I see you, you run, blending into the colors and textures of the forest completely, disappearing from my sight. But I can hear the soft click of your claws as you scrabble through the undergrowth. I will follow you deeper into the woods.


Nyx Hunt is bioless.


lcyeiser said...

Oh, I love this one. The bio adds just the right touch.

Madam Z said...

And she lived happily ever after.

You may be "bioless," Nyx, but you're sure not talentless!