We Were All 16 Once

by Mike Drucker

Oh boy oh boy oh boy: I am having sex right now! I read about this, but having it at the moment really gives me a strong idea of what the guys in the forum were talking about! I mean, look at me: I'm currently thrusting for Christ sakes at a comfortable pace as if I have done this for years professionally and I certainly have not! But thank goodness for those aforementioned professional actors who are paid to make love to women because I believe they gave me a good tutorial for how to go about filling my date's bikini area with my thing! Speaking of which: my thing feels better than ever! I hope she wants to date me more in the future because this is an event I would enjoy repeating if at all possible and if she is willing because I want her to have fun too since body chess is a two (or more) player sport.


Mike Drucker, who once asked What's In a Name?, is a stand-up comedian, writer, and graduate student in New York. He's very friendly although a bit of a jerk.