Unchecked Power

by Roger Daubach

Words have power. As a writer, it's my responsibility to be cognizant of this and remain vigilant in protecting readers from harm. But sometimes I slip. Sometimes I forget that words which seem innocent to me can be crippling to others. And the worst part? The worst part is these words tend to cut the people I'd give my life to protect, and no excuse or apology can ever set that right.


Roger Daubach, author of No Backsies, lives in Brooklyn, poops in Idaho, and shares his stories and poems online. For the longest time he was fueled by Zebra-like instincts and week-old marshmallows, but he thinks he might have finally found his muse.


Summer said...

Wow - a perfect example of those powerful words...

Alone on the Isle said...

You hit the nail on the head with this one. Great 6.