The Snow Angels

by Katie Galvin

As we drove up the highway to our destination the sky was cloudy and looked like it was about to drop a lot of snow anytime, which was fine by us because that's why we went to Colorado. The kids were excited because they only get to experience this powdery stuff once a year; we live in the sunshine state and sweat most of the time, so a week in the cold, blustery weather is a welcome experience. We were driving along a highway and went through a tunnel and when we came out on the other side of the mountain we saw a spectacular site; fluffy, beautiful snow was falling fast all around us, blanketing the earth in a radiant burst of snowflakes. The road was quickly becoming impassible and we had about two more hours to drive to the ski resort; it was slow going, but exciting to see the kids laughing and talking about what they would do in all this snow. I asked my guardian angel to keep us safe until we got to the resort because not only was the weather bad, we were on a road in the middle of nowhere, had no cell phone service, no sign of human life, and most importantly, no restrooms anywhere. Our car gently negotiated the twists and turns of the road through the soft snow and got us to our resort to begin our vacation; I thanked my angel for getting us there and then I turned to look at the kids and they were already playing in the snow making their own snow angels.


Katie Galvin is a mom of four, a former elementary school teacher, and is currently trying to get a children's book published. She lives in Florida.


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Madam Z said...

I'm glad someone enjoys the nasty white stuff!

GM said...

There's a quiet serenity to this piece, although, as a former Noreaster living in the southwest, I don't know why anyone would welcome cold, blustery weather. All the same, though, well-done.