Sad Goodbyes

by mgirl

March 10th marks the fourth year anniversary of your death. That year was like a game of dominos with death calling five more times, one phone call after another, stealing our family away. Death wasn't our only loss, because when our dad and brother couldn't deal with it they just disappeared, no goodbyes or funerals, just abandonment. Although, with this loss we were given the gift of two little girls who we see pieces of you within. With that we can smile. In your granddaughter and great-granddaughter we see your chin, your eyes, and most of all your strong will, a gift you have given us all from beyond.


mgirl, whose full catalog is here, loves to read and write, is from Canada, is forty something and has just become a Grandma. Both of her children have moved out and she spends most of her time now reading, writing and in the garden.