Ring of Death

by Suzanne Baran

At 7:45am on Sunday, the phone rings. "Suzanne, it's Maria, I have bad news. Elaine's son Brian died suddenly of a heart attack; he was 34, you know." Elaine is a dear friend, the sister-in-law of my aunt. She's made me dinners, listened to my pain, made me laugh harder and louder than I have in years. Maria hands Elaine the phone and says, "How will I bury my son, how; I can't do it."


Suzanne Baran, a former financial journalist, is a content writer / programmer for Yahoo’s front page. She reviews music & films for The Big Takeover, and is the author of Eating Love.


Leatherdykeuk said...

So sad!

good 6

Joe said...

Nicely done. A lot of emotion packed into so few words.

Anonymous said...

so sad w/ no answers. good 6