Eating Love

by Suzanne Baran

He was alone, sought a girl with brown eyes and a light touch. But then she fell for his heart which no one touched much. Too cerebral, she pined for emotive love but he found her and put his aorta on a plate with capers. It wasn't enough to satiate her growing appetite. Dinner's over and now her stomach's full, but her loins are empty. Expectations can spoil a good meal, a pure heart, and a relationship.


Suzanne Baran, a former financial journalist, is a content writer / programmer for Yahoo’s front page. She reviews music & films for The Big Takeover, and is the author of My Grandfather the Butcher.


Leatherdykeuk said...

True enough.

Good 6!

Anonymous said...

An important message creatively conveyed. Thanks for sharing!

Madam Z said...

Next time offer her the sausage.