Launched Love

by Renee DeCarlo

In silent declaration her heart opened wide as she accepted the proposal of his love. Impatient to inaugurate, they eagerly gathered their abstract lives into a joint account of allegiance. Shopping for sheets she felt his love surrounding her every breath and smiled secretly. He wondered how he would tell his possessive dear mother there was a new woman in his life and she would have to let him go. Previously untouched their love bloomed in a beautiful bouquet of flaming fire inextinguishable in its thirst. As night lighted the evening moon her love found the key to his weary heart and set him free as an eagle flutters skyward.


Renee DeCarlo explores other worlds through pen and thought. She blogs here.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear something positive about relationships in today's overly cynical world. Kudos to you for not tampering with your inspirational romanticism. Beautifully written as well!

Another Anonymous said...