The Prayer

by Wanda Mae Shoap

Oh, this day sure was made by the LORD and full of everyday people that come and go, buzzing by our home; on their way to work, to the mall, the grocery store, the dollar store, post office or the bank. The weather will be in the low sixties... but with a cloudy overcast and rain isn't expected until near the end of the week. The only problem I really have about the weather is that it is February and I know most people have had their share of snow in many other parts of the country, but here in PA the hicks (or rednecks) like their toys and to slide around in the deepest snows. In our small town and most of the towns close to here, we have yet to see anything more than a few inches of that prized white fluffy delight, but you know what, I'm more than happy to of had only those few inches. I'm not young or eager enough to go out making snow angels or to sit in my living room to watch or listen to all those slipping-n-sliding, fender-bender, road-raged, every day folks, or the wheel-spinning snow plows, pushing and shoving even one foot of that beautiful angel dust into and beyond our driveway (that has the neighbors yard hidden within). If I wanted to see Switzerland I would live there and not here, so LORD, please limit your snow here this year, as my shovel is broken and with the taxes and the cost of gas and all, I'll be lucky to place two pennies in your tithe this winter... amen!


Wanda Mae Shoap, author of First Born, was born in 1949 in Harrisburg, PA. She is a self-taught artist - she loves to paint landscapes, animals, homes, old mills, the ocean, fruit, and more. She has a website, and worked for over seven years at the local cemetery as a secretary.


Leatherdykeuk said...

I can't say i blame you. I loathe the snow.

Madam Z said...

AMEN SISTER! You have vividly described my own negative feelings about the white curse.