Post Box

by Sally Cook

Today's order of colors is green orange red pink. Her sleeve is green, her bracelet orange, her glove red and the envelope bright pink – flamingo or fuschia pink. When she puts her hand to the mouth of the post box it will be red on the other side of the pink, and to make the symmetry work (it must be symmetrical) I will be orange then green behind the post box. I have practiced this, I am ready in the right colors but she is crying again. She does this everyday, the crying, hesitating, holding the envelope out to the post box then pulling away, just as I'm about to step into my place on the other side. She changes her mind, like always, and walks away while I melt back into the shadows, no choice but to wait for tomorrow, wishing she understood.


Sally Cook lives in Manchester and likes patterns and things that add up correctly. She blogs here.