Fiction Class

by Doug Mathewson

"Write what you know," she said. City still refuses to honor native son. Local author does not get huge advance... again. Twenty-two quarters will do laundry, but not if you buy cat food first. Returnable can and bottles are not recognized by lending institutions as an "income source." My head hurts, I know too much.


Doug Mathewson, author of Fox Tales, lives on the Connecticut shoreline and writes very short fiction that occasionally turns into essays or poetry. His current project is "True Stories From Imaginary Lives." He has been published online by PenPricks, Micro-Fiction, Creative Soup, and Tuesday Shorts. His poetry will appear in the March issue of eMuse-zine. Lately he seems fascinated with writing stories that are six sentences in length. More of his work is available at his blog.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Great 6. Very apt.

Lisa M said...

So true. And I think that's where some of the best stories come from!

Joe said...

Written with great wit and an all around wonderful style. Keep up the good work!

Harry said...

If writing what you know isn't working, try making stuff up.

Harry said...

But keep writing!