Take, Take, Take

by Frustrated Female

I hate the way you take, take, take. I hate the way you take me for granted. I hate that you would rather fuck anyone than me. I hate that you put all others, all else ahead of me, your girlfriend. I hate the way you make me regret honesty. I somehow love you in spite of all this shit.


Frustrated Female is an anonymous girl from the midwest.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Powerful piece.

Clueless Cat said...

"I hate the way you make me regret honesty." - I can so relate. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Some advice from an old lady - DUMP THE JERK!
Spend some time learning to love yourself.
You don't love him - you've learned to need what he doesn't and will give you.

Anonymous said...

I do actually love him quite a lot.

Thanks for the comments.

-- Frustrated Female

Anonymous said...

I have written pieces like this on the site before, and I now your frustration and pain.


the girl said...

Hm. I know someone like this. I bet lots of people know someones like this.

Keekah said...

Yes, we all can be someone like this, no?

why is it when you are in a relationship - you take for granted the person that is right there?

I hope this piece makes people stop and listen (sigh) I hope...