The Book

by Joel Heffner

It happened during an interview for a low level job. The question took me by surprise. When the editor asked if I could write the book I said, "No problem." We immediately came to terms. I assured him that the book would be ready on time. When I got home my wife asked if I could write the book and I told her, "I have no idea!"


Joel Heffner, a writer and speaker who created How We Became Writers, blogs about Myths vs. Reality.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Always say yes.

Anonymous said...

Glad you said "yes" - if it popped out of your gut, you can do it.

GM said...

This is great! Simple and true. Isn't that what we all do at first, use bravado so we don't have to say no? Great 6S.

Joel Heffner said...

Ah, how dumb I was back then. There's actually much more to the story. :) You can see more about how The Amphoto Guide to Wedding Photography was hatched at www.joelheffner.com/articles/dumb.htm.