My Man Stormy

by Daniel S. Irwin

So, my man, Stormy Norman, Paul Welshauns, and me (all being poor, broke university students) head into a local college-clientele bar looking for nourishment. We get beer glasses from the bar claiming that we have a friend willing to share his pitcher of beer and proceed to steal beer from unattended or unmonitored pitchers on various tables within the crowded establishment. Famished, we gobble down the free popcorn - the staple food of the poor student. Being a good night for snitching beer, Stormy sucks down enough to pass out on a bar stool. Once he comes to and rejoins the living, he's totally elated and delighted at all the attention and smiles the ladies give him as he wanders through the crowd. Of course, he became less than happy with Paul and me when he passed by a mirror and discovered all the straws, cigarette butts, and whatnots that we had stuck in his blond beauty shop 'fro-curled hair while he was passed out.


Daniel S. Irwin, author of Bug Juice, was abandoned by gypsies and raised in a capitalist commune. His work has been published in Krax, Moodswing, Zygote in My Coffee, Spin, and several other places.