Midnight Dancing

by Belinda Furby

My bed is my favorite material possession – it’s a mahogany pre-Civil War antique sleigh bed that M., my husband, bought as a Christmas gift about thirteen years ago; small, but beautiful – we can barely cram a double-size mattress into its creaky old frame. All our 22 years of married life we’ve slept only in small double beds - our friends are amazed; “How can you stand it?” they ask. I personally think it’s a big part of our secret to a happy marriage: you can’t stay too mad at someone you’re spooning with all night long. Sliding into our warm little bed every night to snuggle up against M. is one of the most relaxing and pleasurable feelings I know – it’s like pouring an ice cold bottle of water down your sandpaper-dry throat after a really long hot walk... ahhhh. We tell our friends we practice finely choreographed midnight dancing: in the middle of the night when I’m ready to shift sides, I’ll nudge my husband until he rolls over waiting with his arm raised slightly over his side until I snuggle up behind him, tucking my arm under his, intertwining and holding hands. Then he reaches back with his legs, grabs mine pulling me closer, until our feet are tucked nicely together – a sleepy little dance of peace, comfort, and love.


Belinda Furby, whose full catalog is here, met her husband when she was 13 years old. His first words to her were, “Hey, goofy!” That has pretty much set the tone for their life together. Spooning... and laughter... have been the glue that has held them together. You can read more from Belinda at her blog, Upside Down Bee.


Leatherdykeuk said...

What a picture of mairtal bliss you paint :)

Madam Z said...

This is such a lovely description of spooning. Everything you say is just as it is with my hubby and me (except the number of years, that is).

Clueless Cat said...

I love this :)