by David Gianatasio

Ah, the new day that with the sun streaming in through the open window! What's a metaphor (or at the very least a better description) for the sun streaming in? Joni Mitchell's seeping through the headboard; God, I hate Joni Mitchell. Tick, tick, tick... the sun's midway through the sky; oh wait, WE go AROUND the sun - I can never keep that straight. Did I fall asleep and miss Petticoat Junction? Now the day's done, there's no more sun, and if I wanted a metaphor it's... c'mon, it's - HEY, IT'S TIME TO GIVE "CHELSEA MORNING" a REST ALREADY!


David Gianatasio's first book of fiction and commentary, Swift Kicks, was published last year by So New Publishing. He's the author of Views with a Room.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Good read.

Jeanette Cheezum