What's in Your Mirror?

by Darrick H. Scruggs

The mirror can be cruel if you let it. I will be honest when I am at my worst, all the areas are flawed, the mirror will not lie, but who says that the mirror is telling the truth. I know at times when I look in the mirror, I am almost afraid of what I see, so I take different angles to insure a different vision, but the mirror does not lie. Until recently I did not like pictures due to the fact it was a permanent mirror that did not lie, it showed all the things I thought I could hide: the blemishes, the discoloration of my skin, the lack of hair, the unusually large features I have... the mirror does not lie. In closing, look in your mirror, love what you see and it will love you back, the mirror does not lie, but it tells you only what you think you need to see. My mirror now is my friend, pictures are my accomplishments, it's all in what you think you see... the mirror does not lie.


Darrick H. Scruggs writes If I Can You Can.

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