What She Knew Before Nothing

by Jeni Rall

"If out of the clear blue a man says he doesn’t deserve you, it means he strayed. Pack your bags and scat." This advice was given by my great aunt Beula over a slice of buttermilk pie (a taste she'd loathed but had now forgotten) in the summer steam of ’89 - her half empty head spilling epigrams like grain so the nothingness could nest. Twelve years later, stirring a pot of fat and bitter greens, I learned she spoke the truth. "He’s feeling bad," she divined, flicking her tongue across her spoon. "But not bad enough."


Jeni Rall, author of The Poem, lives and writes in the sausage capitol of Texas. You can read a lot of nonsense about her here.


Madam Z said...

From the mouths of aunts! Such wisdom. And how I love that last statement, "He's feeling bad...but not bad enough." I predict he will be feeling worse, shortly. Thanks for the great taste of southern wisdom, Jeni.

DeborahB said...

Last line nails it. Good job!

roger daubach said...

and when a girl says, "you deserve better"? is that the same? hMmm?

Ian said...

Nice 6 Jeni - the last line really brings her to life. I've never told my wife that - she tells me all the time.

Doug said...

Very nice. I like how you use a remembrance to frame what ends up being a very complete story (as complete as you can get in six sentences).

silves said...

best 6 sentences i've read here so far. cheers!