Another Adult Day

by Cherise Annette Gordon

I was awakened to the noise of children's voices, laughing, playing, and running around the house. I slowly sat up to begin waking up, thinking about how wonderful some hot coffee would feel streaming down my sore and swollen throat. There was a pounding in my head which I hoped was not going to last all day. I walked, dragging my slippers down the stairs into the living room where the children were excited at the thought of playing in the snow. It reminded me of when I was a child and would always make a snow angel when the first snow would come down for the year. It was a pleasant thought; a young age where there was no real worries except the one where mom was not going to let the kids out to play.


Cherise Annette Gordon was born in Burns, Oregon. She's currently a full-time student at Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, Oregon.


mgirl said...

Very sweet, I made my first snow angel in years this winter.

Alana said...

From a fellow BMCC student... Nice job. Hope you enjoyed your experience with being published on Six Sentences.