Wolf at the Door

by John Parke Davis

Just the other night I heard a knock at the front door, which was odd because we don't get too many visitors. On the other side stood a lazy-looking wolf, a smile cocked awkwardly across his face. A battered old fedora looked out of place on his head, and half his fur had been lost to mange, or worse. "Can I help you?" I asked. "What say, chum," he said, "got a room I can hole up in for the night?" I knew I shouldn't, but the damn thing was just so pathetic I couldn't say no.


John Parke Davis, by day, fights/defends crime/law and order (but not necessarily in that order) as an attorney. By night, he sleeps and dreams odd dreams. He and his brother give away fresh, hot stories at their website and they would love for you to visit. (They also have a blog.) John is the author of A Visitation.