A Visitation

by John Parke Davis

Christie told me she wanted a divorce on the second Sunday in December. The aliens landed the next day. They never said a word — no one knows if they could even talk — they just came and took what they needed and then they left. We stood on the roof of my building and watched the ships lifting off, flickering into the winter sky and disappearing like sparks popping out of a campfire. I put my arm around Christie and she pushed her face against my sweater and we cried. We had been alone for a long, long time, but now it was just too much to bear.


John Parke Davis, by day, fights/defends crime/law and order (but not necessarily in that order) as an attorney. By night, he sleeps and dreams odd dreams. He and his brother give away fresh, hot stories at their website and they would love for you to visit. (They also have a blog.) John once showed us Another Side of the Park.