Sex w/a Side of No Strings Attached

by Jax

I walked out of his house that night and I told myself I would never go back - not because I didn't want to, because I needed to. Summer had ended and this no strings attached sex was starting to become slightly more involved. Rather than let him know how I felt I decided never to call and never to inquire about him amongst our mutual friends. Meetings would be purely coincidental and hopefully sparse. It was time for me to focus on the more tangible things in life, like a man who was emotionally unobtainable. We haven't crossed paths or spoken since that night... I guess the feeling was mutual.


Jax is a Content Editor in the "we needed that yesterday" Urban Jungle of New York. Struggling to find a lucrative spot in the world of writing, Jax continues to use her words to protect her from the mundane, to laugh at absurdity, and to remember to always feel blessed that grammar comes to her naturally. Her blog in progress is here.