Getting Younger

by Beverly Kurtin

An old saying was that life began at forty. Now the number has shrunk to sixty. Using the concept of diminishing numbers, eventually life will begin at one hundred or more. The more years I have lived, the younger I have become in spirit, in the outright thrill of being alive and the ability to no longer care what others may think of me. As the ticking of billions of clocks around the world tick-tock the passing of time - whatever time is - I find that while I no longer care about what others think of me, I find myself caring more about others without judging them and loving them more. Perhaps we are all on that one-sided, chiral band called mobius in and on where there is no beginning and no end, just an endless ribbon from which there is no entrance, no escape and nothing to do but enjoy each breath that shows we are still ALIVE!


Beverly Kurtin, from Hurst, Texas, is pushing 67, but feels younger than she did when she was 27.


Joe said...

And it was certainly worth my time reading this! Well-written and so very true.

austere said...

Thank you for the reminder.
Thank you.

Bob Jacobs said...

Nice 6S, Beverly.

Beverley Pekema said...

It's marvelous to know that life truly begins when we have eventually been freed from self-obsession. So sad that it only comes with time and wisdom. Oh, to have been free earlier!!