The Last Revelation

by Bryce Carlson

It wasn't until I felt the burning sword of revelation in my subconscious that I thought something may be wrong. As if the constant intellectual masturbation wasn't enough, this sharp edge was the one thing that could bring me to insanity, bring me to a state of peace, or utterly destroy me without any consequence whatsoever. The worst part is that I have no control - powerless. If I could control these thoughts and impeding revelations, my neck wouldn't be suffering rope burn from the proverbial noose. Unfortunately, I am powerless and have no idea how to accept this sad truth so I write these last words as oxygen fails to fill my lungs and as I make a statement to show that I do have some control. I apologize for the messy writing but you have no idea how hard it is to transcribe your thoughts coherently as your body convulses and your dying thigh serves as a desk but I shouldn't digress and waste my last words making excuses for why I can't properly express myself.


Bryce Carlson recently graduated from Chapman University and now lives as an aspiring screenwriter in Southern California who also writes film reviews for Real Movie News.


Madam Z said...

Cheer up, honey! These short, gloomy days will give way to Spring eventually, and you'll feel better.

Anonymous said...

Very powerful.

Bryce Digdug said...

Great to read another Bryce.