John Lennon

by Joseph Grant

The simple fact of the matter is this; the world did not understand the genius and artist that was John Lennon. Some of you may argue this point and say, punk, sarcastic jerk, nasty drunk, egomaniac, drug addict, hypocrite, womanizer, misogynist, but it’s an opinion so say what you will, because, oh sure, it’s easy to shortcut things and he would have liked the challenge, anyway. But the fact you cannot control was that his art was too beautiful for this world, so the world had to kill him. Well, okay, some asshole had to kill him. Besides Albert Goldman. But the simple fact of the matter is; love him or hate him; the world has not been the same without John Lennon.


Joseph Grant's full catalog is here. John Lennon was murdered by Mark Chapman on this date in 1980.