Dreaming of You

by James Boyt

The water swirling around my ankles is clear and cool, and my feet sink in to the soft, golden sand. The sun shines down from a perfectly blue sky, warming my skin as wisps of white drift slowly by. A figure stands against the trunk of a palm tree, shaded by the leaves. I put my hand to my face to shield my eyes from the glare. You smile and wave; a smile I’ve not seen in a long time. I miss you.


James Boyt, author of Visiting Alex, is a 31 year old IT worker from the Southeast of England, who firmly believes that, despite lack of ideas and motivation (not to mention talent), that bestselling novel is living inside him somewhere, if he can just find someone to write it for him.


Baby Island said...

I know that smile you've not seen in a long time. I really do.

Nice 6.

Bob Jacobs said...

This is nice. The build up is light and careful. The last line, as simple as it is, carries so much weight.