Details of an Author’s Divorce

by Adrian S. Potter

Their marriage starts out cutesy, like most do: a kiss for every red stoplight, lingerie tossed to the floor like logic, two people feeding each other love with an eager spoon. But after the honeymoon phase, they get lost in the silence between thought and touch, where anger forms a hole so endless it echoes. She has an affair with a supervisor from her office, so the couple argue for days. He wants to move beyond the wreckage in order to save their marriage, so he pretends that nothing ever happened. One day she asks him sweetly to write a story with a happy ending, but he can’t do it – he just stares at a blank sheet of paper. The empty page becomes the white flag of their surrender.


Adrian S. Potter is a writer/poet with a desk drawer full of rejection slips, which does nothing but motivate him. His work has been published worldwide in different literary journals, magazines, and websites. His fiction chapbook, Survival Notes, is forthcoming through Cervená Barva Press. He is not related to Harry Potter, but would pretend to be his cousin for a lucrative book deal. Additional propaganda can be found here.