Caught Cuffed

by mgirl

Steve wasn't her boyfriend; in fact she didn't even know his last name or where he worked, but he was fun and just what she needed, now single and going through a midlife crisis. He came over when the kids were at school or at their dad’s house; it was usually a spur of the moment thing when they did connect, which made it even more exciting. Him being ten years younger than her made her feel fresh and electrified, especially when he surprised her one afternoon when the kids were nicely tucked away at school, and out of his pocket came a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs. Excitement tingled up her spine like a crack of lightening causing her body to instantly quiver. He snapped the cuffs on her wrists, then to the black iron bars of her headboard, and together they reached new exhilarating heights before realizing what time it was - the kids would soon be home. Steve realized that he left the keys to the cuffs at his house and had to leave to get them; panic waved through her body still cuffed to the bed as she listened to his car drive away, then she heard little footsteps climb up the stairs and open the front door: “Hi Mommy we're home... Daddy gave us a ride and he wants to talk to you.”


mgirl, author of Fog, loves to read and write, is from Canada, is forty something and has just become a Grandma. Both of her children have moved out and she spends most of her time now reading, writing and in the garden.


Quin said...

oh, this did make me laugh

Joe said...

What a great story, mgirl! The word that comes to mind for this story: "Busted!" Composed with a wonderful eye for the sardonic. Makes one want to read a continuing second six of this story!

Madam Z said...

This Six is great fun, mgirl, but gosh darn it, I'm never going to be able to wear my "fluffy pink handcuffs" again.

mgirl said...

Thanks quin, joe, and madam z, I truly appreciate your comments.