Upon Meeting the Blogger

by Rebekah Sue Harris

I love the way she blogs, the way she sees the world. When she needed someone to help her move, I jumped at the opportunity; I have a car with a huge trunk. We spent the day moving her stuff, stuck in traffic, laughing and talking and going through the full gamut of emotions as we talked about our children, our luck, our worlds. Her accent went from New York to N'Orleans in a New York Minute as she spoke: from the first gris to the second gris, I was transported to a world of hanging moss and cypress trees and children with manners. I had realized by the first dollar store - "There's a dollar store there? Fuck me dead!" - that I preferred to simply listen, and not to look at her as she spoke; most of us are not lucky enough to have our favorite blog narrated by its author in real time.


Rebekah Sue Harris is the editor of Modified News and the author of Peer Pressure. She was recruited to this site by the subject of this piece. She has a great family, a laptop named Floyd, hundreds of books, dozens of tattoos, a full-sized tricycle, chronic pain, and a cat named Heyboy. One or all of these will be the death of her.