Peer Pressure

by Rebekah Sue Harris

I'm sure I'm not the only one who does it. Staring at the back of a just-finished book, wishing there were more. Eyeing a fallen pink sequin on the bank's dark green utilirug, wishing I were still young enough to get away with picking up trash just because it's pretty. Sitting on the stoop and comparing the different ways the neighborhood sounds depending on the time of day. As I let my surroundings capture my attention, the way my high school English assignment said to look for "fabulous realities," I assume that you, gentle reader, do the exact same thing. Is there any way I can write a Six Sentences about this?


Rebekah Sue Harris is the editor of Modified News and the author of Overheard at the Cash Register. She has a great family, a laptop named Floyd, hundreds of books, dozens of tattoos, a full-sized tricycle, chronic pain, and a cat named Heyboy. One or all of these will be the death of her.