Hunger Humbles

by Nikki Spencer

We huffed up the sidewalk, sweating. It was vital that we see a man, today, before he exited the huge gray structure; our very existence depended on meeting this man. I could feel greasy sweat beading on my upper lip and trickling down my back. The monolithic building ahead was playing tricks on my tired eyes. Was it getting further away as we hurried to it? I looked down at my hungry boy and noticed he had wet his pants.


Nikki Spencer's life is crazy and very full at the moment with three children (ages 5, 4, and 18 months). Her roles have included graveyard shift waitress at a truck stop, dental assistant, dental lab technician, wife, and mommy. Even though she reads everything she can get her hands on, she's never considered herself a writer. Now, in the middle of child-filled days, she finds herself craving more. More education, more intelligent conversations, more reading, and recently, more writing.