The Show Must Go On

by Adam J. Whitlatch

The band was rocking out in their basement, the guitarist channeling Hendrix, the drummer Ulrich, the singer Morrison. As the song reached its climax, a teeth-grinding static belched from the ancient amplifier. The guitarist cursed loudly and viciously kicked the buzzing box. “What do we do now?” asked the singer. “Duct tape,” said the guitarist. “The show must go on.”


Adam J. Whitlatch, author of Confessions of a Horror Writer, is the lead singer of a heavy metal band constantly fraught with troubles. When not duct taping stubborn power cables onto decrepit amplifiers, he spends his days writing short stories in the horror and science fiction genres.


Libby said...


Awesomeness as always.

Anonymous said...

Duct Tape no home should be without it. This says it all. Another awesome 6 sentences, by an awesome writer.

Anonymous said...

Keep them coming we love every word

Joe said...

A great 6 for all those who ever cranked up a Marshall. Loved the deadpan humor of this one. Well-done, well-said and well worth the read! Rock on and write on, Adam!