Sack of the Goblin City

by Dustin R. Packwood

I remember when the Goblins attacked us - that winter was unusually cold. They had come down from their mountain city and invaded our towns. Blessed by our Gods, we marched on their city, advancing like wraiths through the fog and swirling snow, vengeance in our hearts. In their storehouses, we found many things that they had taken from us: thatch, wood, oil, torches, food, and bottles of fresh water. Our Warrior-Priests demanded that we leave no survivors. I am proud to have single-handedly put twelve of their cursed children to the sword.


Dustin R. Packwood, author of Reflections, has spent all 24 years of his life wishing for a pet dragon. He continues to believe that the world would be a better place with wizards, magic, and kingdoms.